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Master Recycler Program



Circular Indiana's Master Recycler Program is an online education platform with a series of learning modules on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, sustainable product design, the circular economy, and a variety of other topics. Each module will utilize a variety of media to dynamically educate participants about each topic in 5-15 minutes.


The Master Recycler Program addresses Indiana’s need for comprehensive and salient recycling education accessible by all Hoosiers. The primary goals of the program include:

  • Educate individuals on why and how to reduce waste in their daily lives;

  • Empower Hoosiers to adopt sustainable behavior changes;

  • Convene program graduates across the state as educated and capable volunteers;

  • Connect individuals with state and local-level resources;

  • Advocate for sustainable materials management by creating a network of educated waste reduction advocates across Indiana,

  • Advance Indiana’s recycling rate and strengthen our circular economy which is based on three principles:

    • Designing out waste and pollution;

    • Keeping products and materials in use; and

    • Regenerating natural systems.


The secondary goals of the program are to highlight organizations, communities, and individuals advancing the circular economy in Indiana, internalize a sustainable, ongoing education program that can be continuously and affordably updated and utilized by local governments, Solid Waste Management Districts, businesses, and community organizations, and maximize the IRC’s capacity to educate as many Hoosiers as possible with limited staff resources.


The target audience to participate in and utilize the Master Recycler Program includes:

  • Individual Hoosiers and community leaders passionate about sustainability;

  • Solid Waste Management Districts;

  • Businesses with employee engagement or training initiatives;

  • Jr. & Sr. High School science teachers;

  • University & College instructors & students; and

  • Environmental Organizations


The Master Recycler Program is an engaging and interactive online lesson platform with a variety of credible and timely media (videos, images, infographics, articles) to comprehensively educate all users. To ensure content retention and progress, users will answer quiz questions to unlock the next lesson. Program graduates will receive a certificate of participation upon completion.

When you sponsor the Master Recycler Program, you have the unique opportunity to reach thousands of Hoosiers through this multimedia platform. Sponsors are highlighted as community leaders who champion environmental stewardship through educational investments.

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